Before using paper writing services, all customers should read these terms and conditions to understand and agree with them. That’s because all the services offered by NerdyEssays are governed by them.

Basic terms to learn

You should get familiar with the vocabulary used on this website to avoid any misunderstanding while using it. For example, this agreement includes the main terms of use, and the word company means the provider of term paper writing services.

  • Writers are qualified people who agree to work with us to provide customers with the necessary term papers under these terms and on a freelance basis.
  • Clients are people who submit their orders on NerdyEssays to get the text materials according to their personal requirements and deadlines.
  • Any order is an online request of paid services, while products are the documents in their electronic format that are final results.
  • Product revisions are the edited versions of original products.
  • Customer support belongs to the organizational structure of this site, and its basic goal is to help clients coordinate their order processing efficiently.
  • The messaging system is our interactive feature that guarantees fast communication between writers and customers.
  • The verification process is the procedure that confirms the billing identity of each client to prevent any possible fraud.

The basics of our privacy policy

NerdyEssays is committed to do its best to protect the privacy of all clients, and this means that their personal and financial data will never be sold to or shared with third parties. All online transactions are completed through reliable and safe payment system so that your credit card information will never be disclosed.

Some pages of this site require you to give out contact details, such as your home address, email, and so on. You can rest assured that this information won’t be used for illegal purposes.

Keep in mind that any direct contact between writers and clients is not allowed, but you can use a variety of convenient interactive features in addition to helpful customer support services designed to serve this purpose.

The nature of our products

NerdyEssays offers the fast and efficient services that can help you locate reliable experts to complete different academic assignments. We don’t make any guarantees in terms of your future grades and other outcomes of submitting final products to your institution. The main goal of this agreement is to provide you with original text materials and a number of relevant services according to the instructions provided while submitting your order. Don’t forget that any intellectual property is owned by this website.

Order processing

It’s easy and fast to place your order because the only thing that should be done is filling out a special online form. Be sure to use valid and updated information to avoid a failure to deliver quality or timely services.

There are certain instructions that should be provided for our writers to follow, and you must ensure that they are precise and clear. Remember that our freelancers can use any resource to complete your assignments, including interviews, journals, and others. Finally, one of the most useful features of NerdyEssays is that you can track the progress of your order. When submitting it, you have a right to choose a preferred writer.


What people are saying

I have been using this service for some time already and can only say positive things about it. The first time I placed an order 6 hours before the deadline and experts still managed to deliver the perfectly written paper on time. In general, I have bought more than 5 papers and all of them got me top grades.


- Annie Spark reviewed at 2017-11-28