Our customers are fully satisfied with the text materials they receive on NerdyEssays. The main reason is that they’re provided with efficient communication channels that prevent any misunderstanding in terms of the right format, academic level, style, and so on.

Why revisions are needed

Sometimes, final products may not be exactly correct in the right of customers, and that’s why they ask for revisions. Keep in mind that this website is committed to your 100% customer satisfaction so that you shouldn’t hesitate to request revisions when you assume that they are needed. First, it’s necessary to read this revision policy to learn more about important rules that must be followed when proceeding with this type of request.

The eligibility to request revisions

NerdyEssays always maintains a premium quality of customer support and satisfaction because it does everything possible to meet specific paper writing requirements. We're willing to offer three complimentary revisions for free, but you need to follow basic terms and conditions to be eligible for them.

  • Important instructions. Make sure that any revision is in line with your initial guidelines and directions provided to our qualified authors. If our quality control team assesses that they are met, your revision request is declined automatically.
  • The submission process. This request must be submitted on this website, so feel free to contact our customer support representatives if you have any questions because they will respond you fast.
  • Deadlines. As our client, you have the right to request three free revisions before approving the text materials you get from us within one week. Be sure to examine them attentively before approving anything. Besides, when it comes to large orders, such as dissertations, you can request for a free revision within two weeks after their approval period.

The allocation of free revisions per orders

All of our customers can request three free revisions, but only if they meet the above-mentioned requirements. If their number is used up, be sure to place a new order for specific request instructions and clearly state the changes that must be made in your custom paper. It's advisable to contact our customer support team via email to ask for revisions. If you suggest that your text materials require further proofreading and editing, you need to place a new order.

You're provided with two weeks to approve the papers you receive from NerdyEssays, and this period starts upon the completion of the latest one sent to us via email. When this time period is over, our system tags your text materials as approved automatically.

Adherence to your initial order details

It’s possible to request free revisions if they don’t alter your initial order instructions. For example, if you asked for 3-5 research resources to be used for your academic assignment, you can’t request for changing this number. Of course, we can offer this type of revision, but you’ll have to pay an extra fee for it before getting a new final text product. You also have the right to request a new author for your revisions, and our website will comply with your request because our basic goal is to make our customers happy with the custom papers they receive. Be sure to submit your request as soon as you look through completed text materials to known what you would like to alter.


What people are saying

I have been using this service for some time already and can only say positive things about it. The first time I placed an order 6 hours before the deadline and experts still managed to deliver the perfectly written paper on time. In general, I have bought more than 5 papers and all of them got me top grades.


- Annie Spark reviewed at 2017-11-28