phi 208 week 4 |

Ashford phi 208 : – Week 4 – Quiz

Question 1. 1. Aristotle describes each virtue as: (Points : 1)

       a maximum.

       a minimum

       a relative mean.

       an absolute mean.

Question 2. 2. Hill claims that a fruitful way to think about the badness of destroying the environment is: (Points : 1)

       To think about what kind of human would choose to destroy the earth.

       To appeal to theories about God and care for the earth.

       To examine people’s intuitions about whether it is right to harm the environment.

       To examine the rights that belong to the environment and act on the basis of those rights.

Question 3. 3. In Aristotle’s view, the virtues are: (Points : 1)

       acquired through habit.

       acquired through philosophical reflection.

       a gift from the gods.

       something we are either born with or not.

Question 4. 4. Which of the following would be an idea shared both by the teacher (Kevin Kline) from the clip of The Emperor’s Club, and by either MacIntyre or Aristotle (or both)? (Points : 1)

       If you act dishonestly, you are bound to eventually get caught, and that is why you should always be honest.

       If one exercises the virtues like honesty, one is bound to achieve greater wealth, success, and honor.

       Cheating might lead to external success, but at the cost of internal failure.

       Watch what you say because you never know who might be listening . 

Question 5. 5. According to Thomas Hill’s account of environmental ethics, a person might show a lack of virtue when they: (Points : 1)

       fail to realize that human needs and interests are worthless and unimportant.

       fail find any aesthetic value in nature.

       fail to recognize the rights of nonsentient beings.

       All of the above.

Question 6. 6. Hill refers to the ability to understand oneself, to face oneself, and to be honest about the kind of creature one is by this term: (Points : 1)




       Relational harmony

Question 7. 7. Robinson agrees with Aquinas’ idea that

@The answer can be found on p. 265 of Robinson’s article “Magnanimity and Integrity as Military Virtues” (Points : 1)

       Honor is a subjective quality

       Honor is secondary to integrity

       Honor must be displayed in action

       Honor is secondary to magnanimity

       None of the above

Question 8. 8. According to Aristotle, happiness is: (Points : 1)

       a contented state of mind.

       as much pleasure and as little pain as possible.

       feeling good about oneself.

       a life that is lived well.

Question 9. 9. Aristotle conceives of a virtue as: (Points : 1)

       a rule that tells you what the right action is.

       a state of character that enables practically wise choices.

       a positive self-image.

       a way to gain as much pleasure as possible.

Question 10. 10. Most definitions of honor regard it as having the following two elements:

@The answer can be found on p 259 of Robinson’s article “Magnanimity and Integrity as Military Virtues” (Points : 1)

       Internal and external

       Subjective and personal

       Constructive and deductive

       Military and civilian

       None of the above

Question 11. 11. Aristotle regards passions and feelings like anger as: (Points : 1)

       a sign that one lacks rational control over one’s state of mind.

       always either an excess or a defect in one’s character.

       capable of excess, defect, or the intermediate state characteristic of virtue.

       Both (a) and (b).

Question 12. 12. Robinson argues that honor

@The answer can be found on p. 264 of Robinson’s article “Magnanimity and Integrity as Military Virtues” (Points : 1)

       Encourages restraint in warfare

       Encourages heroism in warfare

       Encourages the waging of war

       Encourages abuse in warfare

       All of the above

Question 13. 13. In his discussion of virtue and honor in the military, what does Robinson consider to be the relation between integrity and magnanimity? (Points : 1)

       They both should be pursued to the greatest extent possible.

       The inner honor of integrity should always take priority over the outer honors associated with magnanimity.

       Finding a suitable balance between the two helps prevent the excesses of each on its own.

       The prospect of honors from one’s peers is the only realistic motivation for a soldier to act virtuously.

       None of the above.

Question 14. 14. In Hill’s example, what did the wealthy eccentric man do to his yard after he bought a new house? (Points : 1)

       cut down an avocado tree

       covered the yard with asphalt

       remodeled the kitchen

       1 and 2

Question 15. 15. Hill would claim that a lack of aesthetic perception (Points : 1)

       might indicate an inability to appreciate the true value of things in general.

       might indicate that the person simply has a different set of subjective tastes.

       might indicate that one lacks a precise philosophical account of the beautiful.

       might indicate an inability to express proper self-deception.

Question 16. 16. According to Robinson, a person who has integrity is someone who:

@The answer can be found on p. 261 of Robinson’s article “Magnanimity and Integrity as Military Virtues” (Points : 1)

       Does what is right, only if it is approved of by others

       Does what is right, even when it is disapproved of by others

       Does what is right, only when commanded to do so

       Does what is right, unless they are commanded to do otherwise

       None of the above

Question 17. 17. What would best express Colonel Nicholson’s (Alec Guinness) view regarding what makes a soldier, as expressed in the The Bridge on the River Kwai clip? (Points : 1)

       The virtues of a good soldier are consistent no matter the circumstance.

       A good solider only acts virtuously when it benefits himself and his country.

       The good soldier regards the enemy as having less intrinsic worth than one’s own people.

       All of the above.

Question 18. 18. In The Emperor’s Club, what best describes the teacher’s (Kevin Kline) response to his student’s (Emile Hirsch) admission of cheating?  (Points : 1)

       He hugged him and thanked him for being honest.

       He threatened to turn him in and have him punished.

       He challenged him to regard virtue and character as more important than success alone.

       He reminded him that it is against school policy to cheat, and thus that he erred by breaking the school’s rules.

Question 19. 19. In what way would Hill’s notion of “self-acceptance” correspond to Aristotle’s conception of eudaimonia? (Points : 1)

       They both are inherently selfish and contrary to virtue.

       They both require the virtues of arrogance and pride.

       Neither has anything to do with ethics.

       They both involve acknowledging that we are the sorts of creatures we are.

Question 20. 20. Robinson describes integrity as a virtue that has the

@The answer can be found on p. 263 of Robinson’s article “Magnanimity and Integrity as Military Virtues” (Points : 1)

       Excess such as arrogance and deficiencies such as weakness of  will

       Excess such as generosity and deficiencies such as weakness of will

       Excess such as arrogance and deficiencies such as weakness of pleasure

       Excess such as generosity and deficiencies such as weakness of pleasure

       None of the above

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